Delete records automatically each night

Awesome. Thanks!

That worked.

So, create a two step scenario... The first step will use a Knack Search module... In there you'll set the object your working with and then select the name field and select "is blank".. Then the second step you'll use a delete module, select your object, and in the record id field put in the record id option from the list from the first item...

I have signed up for integromat.

Now I am trying to figure out how to make it work.

Looks like it goes by the record ID. I am not sure how to fill that in to make it look for a field that is blank, then delete that record if it is blank. Any idea on how to do that with integromat?


For example, if there is a record in the Knack Object, and the Name field is blank, I want that record to be deleted.

I would suggest getting an account and using it... Run a daily scenario to do this..