Currency Import Fix

I have several objects that I use the CSV import function. Most of these objects contain currency fields. The application that I export from to create the CSV leaves these columns in currency format. However, if I try to directly import this into my app, it will not import these values. I have to convert the CSV columns into a number format and then perform the import, adding extra steps to a daily process. It would be great if a Currency field would recognize a CSV currency value.

Hi John,

Importing to a currency field in most cases is a straightforward experience. However, we typically see the issue you are reporting when the CSV is not saved in the Unicode (UTF-8) format. The most often happens when saving a CSV from Excel, but there may be other instances.

If you save the CSV using a platform that supports the UTF-8 format (e.g. Numbers, Google Sheets, etc) then the import will complete as expected.

For more information on this please check out this our CSV Format Guide for Importing article. If you have further issues after this please reach out to us at