Creating new ID based on the formula (auto ID), how to implement?


Trying to create auto ID, after customer submits the form the ERD number will be creted/added automatically based on the continuation of previous records (which were manually imported in to the Knack)..

Managed some form of formula but struggling with the implementation..

1. User enters the details (the ERD number does not exist yet)

2. After submitting the form it's redirected to view page where can see the details with the new ERD number automatically created.

How to do this ? how to use the extract date record and replace with the ERD from now on not messing with the older records..continuing the numbering order..

3. Can click on edit to add/change more records.. another level.. 






Awesome, glad it's working.. 

And yes, this is an area where they could vastly improve the interface by giving you a warning that the field order isn't what it should be for these conditional additions.. They have the information.

Works, thanks Julian.

one more important thing:

Any field referenced in a conditional rule must be listed above the field with that rule in your Builder. Otherwise, you may get inconsistent results. Remember that you can move fields around in the builder by clicking and dragging them.

Ok, so yes the formula would replace, but here's what I do to get around that.  Use two fields.. The second field includes your formula.  The original field you set form that second field using  a conditional rule only setting it if the field is blank.. To test, just add a temporary third field, update it with your current data, and then add the condition and see if it works the way you want.. 


Ok, may be the second picture (ERD details) is confusing as two fields are displayed: the ERD No is what I currently have manually created and the ERD_date_extract is what I would like to use in new created records as the ERD No.. I was only showing both while testing.. can I add formula to existing ERD No and from now on use it to create this number or will it spoil all records already created? don't understand how this works..

So, I'm not understanding what's not working.. Looks like you have a formula field that generates the ERD No.. So, I'm clearly missing something in how you'd like this to work.  Doesn't it create the No?