Created a method of Versioning

Hello Knack community.

I have been able to create a way to Version an App with the help of Melissa @ Soluntech.
The problem is some of our users are not tech savvy and don't even know how to refresh their web page. Also this allows us to track if users are up to date in the app version so we know if they have problems it is their problem or ours.

  • We created an object called "Version" that just has a number field (like 1.5).
  • We added a connection from Accounts to Version (it lives on the Accounts object)
  • We added another 3 fields on Accounts
  1. App Version EQ which is an equation field to pull in current version (or else the Conditional Rule below doesn't work).
  2. Current User Version (number)
  3. Is version current? (Y/N) that uses Conditional Rules that if Current User Version = App Version EQ then Yes otherwise No
  • Added a form on the main homepage that pops up and shows both the Current App Version and the Current User Version.
  • Submit Rules are Redirect to another webpage and the other web page is javascript:location.reload(true) to reload the web page from the server
  • Record Rules are to update the Current User Version to the Connected App Version.
  • And we use page rules to hide the form if the 'Is version current?' field is Yes




Also if you wanted to kick it up a notch you can create another object to track each time a user updates the app.

Well yes and no. 

They will have the latest version of the app if they refresh on the webpage. But to the user it will still show the Update App button and an older version.


To the end user they wouldn't know that their app is already up to date so they will press Update and the browser will refresh again. But since they don't really know that they don't *need* to update there is no harm to them.

If I understand this correctly they can bypass the form and refresh the web page and pick up the newest code but the Account field will still say they have an old version. This only displays properly if they don't ever refresh the browser and always use the form to update and refresh. Am I understanding this properly or am I missing something?

Appreciate that - we see similar issues with some users unaware of how to refresh pages, and the need to do so during a logged in session for important fixes.

So thanks for sharing, an upvote from me!

Sure Brad here they are:



Awesome Pinny, could you share some screen shots of the form and the page rules that make it work by any chance?