Create a Progress Bar

If you want to build a progress bar you can use the following HTML. Can be inserted directly into a text formula field

<progress value="35" max="100">35%</meter>

Just replace the numerical value with a whole number percentage value generated elsewhere in your object.

Would anyone know how to base the % of the progress bar on an equation field that would be different per user?

It would be really helpful if Knack could provide us with a cheat sheet with examples of this type of thing - it wouldn't even have occurred to me that you could do something like this!

I suspect you could change the look in CSS, but the percentage can be done using the same text formula. Just cap the markup with a </progress> tag if you plan on placing the percentage after the bar.

That's absolutely brilliant! Thanks Garrett. Is there any way to:

1. Change the colour

2. Put labels on it so that people can see that it's 0% to the left and 100% to the right?

Thanks again!