Create a Library of Common Page Elements

It would be really useful if, when building an app, we could create our own "library" of commonly used views on pages. For example, we might include a copyright text view on every page in our app. If we could make that view once, and then save it to the library, then when we needed to use that again on another page we could just pull it from the library, rather than having to recreate it on every page.

Hi Andrew,

Not what you're looking for but there's two ways to do this now:

Object that contains the html you need to replicate

An object that contains a field for 'Copyright Text' amongst other potential settings, and there's only one record. You might need to connect that object to others, and set the record whenever a new record in the other objects are created.

And then drop a simple detail view where you need it.

Works best for anything that might change over time - company address, tax or business numbers, copyright text.


Insert a HTML segment from a page-render.any event. Simpler because there's no database setup or making sure a view is placed on pages, but not great if someone other than the app developer wants to update anything.

Works best for - Company logos, one-liner copyright text.