Containerization for password fields

I have a database that has usernames and passwords. I would like it so that passwords arent stored in just plain short text but instead you guys develop a field that says its a special password field in which an extra mouse click will "reveal" the password. Does that make sense? It just makes things more secure if people are walking by my computer screen.

I accomplished this by CSS code for the password field. But it will only on the display side. Data will be stored in table as plain text.


 -webkit-text-security: disc;

Hi Devon - 
Yes, I can see for an app that might be doing repairs for computers, or something similar, it might be necessary to store a password. We do always recommend not storing plain text passwords.

We've recorded your suggestion for a field mask option, that could be revealed with particular login permissions.

Another option in the current Knack feature set would be to use Page Rules and a Details view where the password value would be displayed. This would allow for only users with a particular user role to click and see this details page with the password.