Conditional Price

I'm building a work authorization interface and have a few price equations to execute conditionally.

We are a repair shop.  

The user will select the goods/service to perform.

Our retail customers pay the standard price linked to the goods/service pulled up in the work authorization.  Our corporate accounts have discounts linked to their customer ID, which is also linked to this object.

The user will select if this is a warranty service, which defaults as no.

If it's a warranty service the subtotal estimate price should set to $0.

If it's not a warranty service the subtotal needs be the standard price less any applicable discount percentage that the customer ID has associated with it.

I understand how to have a conditional setting to make the subtotal = $0 if Warranty = yes.  How do I get the field to show the proper price (with discount if necessary) if Warranty = no?

Your help is very appreciated!


Thank you

On the customer object set default discount % to 0

then on invoice object

Standard Price = Currency Field

Discount = equation field ({Standard price * Customer.discount_perc})

[when creating an equation if you start typing the name of a connected objects field you should be able to retriene the value] ie  Customer.discount_perc

Subtotal = Equation ({Standard Price} - {Discount})

warranty is boolean -default, No

Display Price = currency field, conditional rules

If Warranty is Yes, display Price =0

If Warranty is 'no' Display price = a field value (Subtotal)


Hi - did you ever get anywhere with this?