Conditional formation of text information

I have an extensive database with 3 major sources of possible ädditional information"
We have a soldiers file - key to the whole database.
Each soldier may have

  1. free text comments (which might include other unit services, awards etc)
  2. wounded in action data reflecting date and place
  3. prisoner of war information relfecting period of capture, location and camps imprisoned in

All 3 are unique in what they contain.

I currently have multiple text formulas that create a dat acrd for each of the above as well as combinations of the above. But diue to the lack of conditional formatting of text formulas, its impossible to have just one that says I have part 2 and 3 but not part 1 and therefore just leaves any "text annotations"off the resulting data.

Probably best have a look below you can see I have had to create multiple fields to cope with “conditional data”. There has to be a way of making this simplar and more useable. But tat this point I can;t see it other than externally ?

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