Condition to copy record based on specific value

Hi, I’m using a members directory template. The first table is a list of all applicants, and I need to create separate tables to group the applicants by the course they’re applying for.
What I would like to happen is that when the applicant selects their course, and their record shows their selected course, that automatically copies their record into the table for that course. Is this possible?

I’m not familiar enough with the design of the template application to visualise its schema, plus I’m sitting on the sofa whilst replying :wink:

I would have thought that once you have connected a course to a student you can create a view of all students on that particular course.

Without looking at the schema it’s difficult to answer but I’d certainly not recommend creating another record which seems like a copy of the first. This can cause issues with maintaining data integrity.

It may be that a “join” or “bridge” table that combines both the students and courses is an option worth exploring.

I appreciate that this doesn’t really answer your question but (for me) it would require a bit more investigation to see how things are setup and what could be built.

If you’d like to connect let me know.