Collaborators needed to test, debug and code on the Knack Toolkit Library (KTL)

Hi to all - programmers or not,

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the KTL lately in an effort to get near a first official release out. But I need additional help to evaluate it, in-depth testing, debugging and eventually adding new features to it.

This library has been designed for non-programmers for the most part, so it does not really require any knowledge of Javascript to use it. So you’re reading this and feel interested despite your “next-to-zero” programming experience, you’re more than welcome!

You can find the KTL library here with all documentation:

Come one guys!!! Give it a try and send me your feedback.

Normand Defayette
Cortex R&D Inc.

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Hi Normand. I have been testing what you developed, would be happy to share more details and offer what assistance I can.

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Wow, cool! Sure I want to know everything you have to say about your testing and KTL in general.

Feel free to write some comments here. But if you prefer a one-to-one conversation, send me private messages.

Also, I’ve just started a discussion thread on GitHub just for that:
Getting Started with pre-release testing and feedback.

Welcome to all,

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When the bulk edit checkbox is added to a table if you have summary enabled these columns do not shift and end up misaligned by one column.

See the screenshot, red arrows show the location that the sum should be aligned under.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for reporting this. I had some code to fix this issue, but it was not working well or consistently. I just did an update that fixes this - hopefully once and for all. Can you test again please?


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