Choice list for number or currency field

Is it possible to format a currency field on a form so that the user simply has to click one of two or three values in order to enter it?

In the project I’m working on, the user needs to enter the value of a fee paid to their business. This Fee field can’t have a default value entered because the fee isn’t always paid and is never paid at the time the record is created. But when it does get paid, it’s always either $100 or (less commonly) $75. So I’d like to have either radio buttons with those options or a select list with those two options.

I am aware that I could use a Multiple Select field type, configure it to accept just 1 value. But as far as I can tell, that field’s value can’t be totalled (because it’s not actually a number field). And if I use the radio button format when I put this field on the form, an empty field (no fee entered yet) shows as a third selected button (with no label).

I’m guessing you can do this with two fields:
Fee - number field
Fee Select - Multichoice radio button

Set a conditional field rule in the Fee field to set the value based upon the Fee Select choice made by the user.

Thanks for the quick response, Peter. I had thought of that but was hoping that there was another way.

I’ll be curious if someone has a more advanced (or simpler) solution.

Hey William. Are you comfortable with using custom JS code? If so, you can just have the values as buttons below the input field and whichever is clicked gets entered into the field and is recorded as a number for your calculations…