Change pie chart to number (instead of percentages)


Is it possible to display pie chart reports as numbers instead of percentages?

We have a questionnaire with a lot of optional questions. So, for example, knowing 80% of participants are not willing to travel is very misleading because it's possible that only 10% of people actually answered that question.


Okay, thanks 383433730112. Unfortunately, since it's not a simple work around, it's not something I'm going to be able to pursue. But thanks for the information. It's too bad it's not easier. I find the reports/charts quite limiting at times.

Hello Kimberly,

Yes is possible to do, but with some custom Javascript.

You must to get the data value from your pie chart view and take the selector of your portion pie chart, then change the % value by your data participants number.

It's a bit complex, but you can contact me if you need help to implement it.