Change h1 on certain page

I’m not familiar too much with CSS but I have a particular view (scene) that I want to change the size of the H1 text. Can anyone skilled in CSS help me create this code?

You can add the below to any field such as a subject line or instructions. Just change the font size and colour hex reference to suit.

It’s a similar method to adding a divider.
Check out some of my videos which may help.

Thank you very much for your response.

So how would I incorporate the field data into this such as customer name?

You can do that by using the same technique but in a Text Formula - so you have your regular field and then another Text Formula field to create a ‘display’ version of it. You insert your data field where the text went…

ooooh :exploding_head: I’ll try that, thanks

Ok, tried that and the color worked but the size did not. Please see my screenshots, let me know if I missed something?

You know what, I had refreshed several times and it stayed this size but now it’s big. So this worked! Thank you!

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