Capturing a range of decimal places

I'd like to see the ability for Number fields to capture and display a range of decimal places.

We currently the short text field rather than Number field to capture certain values due to limitations in how Knack stores numbers. For example, we have a few values that have one decimal place, some that are two decimal places, and a majority that are whole numbers.

In cases where there are a variety of decimal places captured, I would only want a decimal place to show when we do not have a whole number, but right now, if I choose two decimal places for that number field, a number like 100 would display as 100.00.

I am in complete agreement with this.  The number field as well as the currency field should be fully functional.

This means dollar signs ($)    commas (,) and decimals from 0 to 5

e.g. $1,000.00   


$ .0005