Bring back Groups in Form and Detail Views

Prior to the latest revision of Knack, Form and Detail views provided the ability to Group fields. I have used this extensively on several apps I developed for clients. It really helps to breakup and organize fields into logical groupings on forms and detail views that contain a large number of fields. I also was able to use straight forward CSS to provide some borders and/or shading for the various groups - making it easier to follow. Below is just part of a form to provide a visual.


The following CSS provides the shaded boxes around each group.

#view_2976 > form > ul:nth-child(n) {
background-color: #e9ebec;
border-radius: 5px;
border: solid 1px #dddfe2;
padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px;
width: 600px;
margin-bottom: 15px !important;

This worked because the Html layout followed typical website design where you start with a Row and then break that into Columns which can also contain rows within. The “ul” referred to a group (ROW) with “li” being child Columns. The new builder does this backwards - “ul” refers to a Column with “li” being Rows within. This architecture makes normal Grouping impossible. I have major concerns about being able to provide support on former projects if it involves having to modify a Form or add a new form. There is a work around for Detail views - create a separate Detail view for each group. This requires a lot more effort.