Back button should return to previous position on the parent page

When you click a link on a long page (either because it has lots of table rows, or lots of forms), when the child page completes its action (e.g. a view, add, or edit), it currently returns to the top of the parent page.

It would be much better from a user experience point of view to return to the exact same point. This is expected behavior on a website, so users will be familiar with that and frustrated with having to do a lot of scrolling if that doesn't happen.

Noticed this problem when I was "developing" my application, and thought, "this is not good!".

Now, months later, my users experiencing this same problem, are telling me, "this is not good!".

Not being able to return to the last position viewed in the parent page is a huge time waster for users. Please have this improved. Or perhaps tell us some workaround we could try?



Right on!

Yup, was just about to suggest this a feature request but see it's already here. Would be a big improvement!

Bump this issue.

A few reasons why (I think) this should be high priority:

1. Knack is supposed to fulfill a simple CRM system

2. When working with a large list of leads (for a sales team for example)-- let's say my salesguy is on page 6 (out of 10 pages), clicks a lead, makes  a call, edits the form, submit; 

3. When Salesguy clicks the "back to LEADS" button, he's back at the beginning of his list, instead of page 6.

4. This is horrible for workflow and a big time waster.

I'm thinking this 'feature' should be default for any CRM program.

Easy (maybe not?) fix with great returns on time and efficiency.