Automatically set a connected record based on value in imported fields


We import Projects data via API. In Knack, we have users that need to be connected to these imported Projects. The user name is in the imported data in the same format as it is in the account table (eg Project Mgr data import = Joe Smith and Account user name = Joe Smith).

We’d like to either:

  • Automatically set the connected user during the data import process (we tried this, but it didn’t work)
  • Have a rule (or task) that selects the connected user based on imported data

Has anybody found a way to do this?


We have a guide for importing data to ensure it will connect to existing records in a connected table. Importing Connections - Knack Knowledge Base

You will need to choose a filed that is not a complex field (like a name field which has two or more parts). A numerical id is a great option or even an email field.

Hope this guide helps, but please reach out to if you need more assistance.

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Thank you Steve. I’ll contact support to what the best options are - ‘Name’ needs to be the display field for Accounts, so not sure how we get around that.