Auto populate Connected Field

Does anyone know if there is a way to auto populate a connected field? I have a connected field that is a date field and I’m constantly running into issues because you can’t set a connection field as a date field type. For example, when a user fills out a form with the date, they are forced to choose the date from a dropdown, which is not ideal. I’d love for them to be able to pick the date from a traditional date picker field and then whatever they select auto populates the connected date field. I’ve tried using Conditional Rules, but it only allows you select itself, which isn’t helpful. Please help! Thank you!!

How comfortable are you with js? My initial guess is that you might have to create a date field, hide the connection input and set the connected value after the date is chosen. It’s a little complicated but doable.

Js meaning JSON? If so, not at all, but I’m open to learning. I did figure something out using Zapier, but would love if I could keep it within Knack