Auto-increment field is in reverse order?

I imported a small csv file with 149 records. The order of the object is by id from low to high, as in 1,2,3,…

I then added the auto-inc field but it computes the values back wards:

Id Auto-increment
1 149
2 148
3 147

Why is it doing this?
How do I fix it so the values match?

I’d change your imported auto increment to a number field. Sort this number field in ascending order then add a new auto increment field (which will take a few minutes to appear due to AWS scheduling).
You should then have them matching and can delete the number field.

Thanks, but the field was already a number. Look at the image to see the strange results. The first auto inc I created yesterday. The 2nd one this morning and the 3rd one just now. Go figure?