Arrange numbers natural not lexicographical

Anyone knows how to sort records on the live app in the normal order ? (1,2,3,4,5,) instead of this annoying (1,11,12,2,21,3,31,32)

Please do not tell me to put a leading zero as I have over 2000 records I cannot put 0001 0002 0003... There has to be another way.

Hi Nour - I might be missing something but my tables sort correctly. Clicking any of these columns sorts properly, and the only thing I can think of is that these are all number types (not text fields)?

I don't know about your original question, but a workaround could be adding the zeros, then adding a new calculated field that strips the zeros and use that field to show your information. Actually, that probably would leave you back where you started. Scratch that, I think.

Also, what kind of field are your numbers? When I add an auto-incrementing number field, then click the heading on the page to sort, it looks fine.