Are text formula fields supposed to update on submit?

I want to know when text formula fields are supposed to update themselves and even if they update themselves?

I thought the formulas would run after a submit but it does not seem to be the case. Will I need to invoke this manually through J query or javascript?

any assistance would be helpful.


Hello Mike,

It’s works automatically. no need to invoke until you fill all fields that are used in the formula.

Sunny Singla

Hmm… I have deleted the fields now but I can re-add them. I had two text update fields. Field 1 did a bunch of regex-based on the value of another field we will call Field A . Field A had values like “mopping (mop), sweeping (sweep)” It was a checkbox and it contained the values of the items I checked for that record.
Field 1 would end up with a value of “(mop) (sweep)” by using the Regex to parse out the part of Field A that were between brackets.

then Field 2 took that response from Field 1 and added the values of two additional fields (Field B/C) and made a unique key name field.

So both Field 1 and Field 2 were Text formula fields. and Fields A, B, C were multiple-choice fields. As mentioned Field A was a checkbox with multiple selections possible however Field B and C you could only select one option.

So what I noticed was, when I created a new record the value of Fields 2 would be correct based on the options selected in Fields A,B,C. However, if I updated the record then Field 2 would not update.

Is there something I am missing? is the fact that this has two fields updating or the update of one field is based on the other causing a problem?

Hello Mike,

Yes, I think the same as field 2 is based upon field 1.

Also, try to order properly and check again.

Like If field_2 is depends upon field_1 then field_1 is always placed before field_2.

Sunny Singla