Are numbers in a multiple choice field integers?


I’m struggling to produce any reports or pivot tables with the numbers from a multiple choice selection.

i have a form where people select how many adults were  on a trip, and choose zero to 12. I want to then add up total adults that day, but I can only seem to get tables or reports to tell me how many trips had 4 adults, how many had 5 etc... now I guess I can run a formulae that multiples total trips with 4 people to generate the total adults, but if I extend table to say up to 100 .. this becomes immense.

im guessing the system does not see the numbers as an actual integer.

any thoughts on this? I would prefer not to make entry free form integer  as it has a specific use case that requires simplicity (used on a moving boat).





Instead of equation, you can also create a Number field. On the Number field, set the conditional rule to say "When multiple choice option is 1, set to 1". 

The reason reports don't work is because Multiple Choice fields are stored as strings (text) and array of strings (collection of text). 

if your multiple choice numbers are not getting you an actual integer, try adding an Equation field and cloning the Multiple Choice field there, like so:![](upload://obt7IBhyr89iDlNOvLXd9kKR6f9.png)

the Equation field always is formatted for Numeric (OR Date)

Then use the Equation field for all your reports / pivot tables.

hope that works - i can look at it more if needed ...  V/r,