API - Remote User Login

Hello community.

I’m trying to log in a user remotely using the API, but I only get a 404 error, even calling from Postman.

I have checked the application ID and it is correct.
Have I missed something?
Is there any configuration to do in the application to allow remote logins?

Hello Gustavo,

Be sure that you are sending a JSON body. (nothing confidential in the image)


Hi Kelson,

Yes, I’m sending a JSON body as in your image, but the error is not about the body.
The 404 error is “Page Not Found”, it’s like there no exist that API’s endpoint.

Are you on a private Knack server?

Yes, I’m on a private Knack server.
Is there any setting to do to allow remote access?

@Gustavo, your screenshot shows a “GET” request, not a “POST” request. @Kelson’s example is the correct method for creating a session remotely.

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You will have a different url in that case. Email me and I can help you get it.

That was the reason, what a silly mistake!
Thank you very much!

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