Android Play store and Apple stire

Is it possible to publish an app to the Android and Apple app stores?  I realise that would be essentially a shell to the online app, but at least it can be found in the stores and create an icon on a phone or tablet?

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Knack’s Standard Theme for the Live App was designed to be mobile friendly and super easy to use from your user’s favorite browser, but if you want the option for your users to just click an icon on their homescreen to open your app, you have a couple options.


One option is to instruct your users to create an icon on their homescreen which acts like a bookmark to your web app.

Another option is to check out a third-party service like PhoneGap, which can convert web apps to mobile apps.

For more information on these solutions, check out this help article.


Thanks for the great question!


Yes, you could use a third party to convert and publish your app into a native mobile app. is a great option.