Address Validation with USPS or

Does anyone know how I would go about validating an address field on a form, using the Autofill feature on

Autocomplete Coding Example from SmartyStreets

I want to use smartystreets to validate an address field(s) and have that data populate the form automatically.

Is this possible?

Also, similary, is it possible to do this same type of autocomplete with other API's also?

No, I never did. Can't figure it out.

Did you ever get this implemented?

Hi Van,

Did you ever get the code implemented? Its something I am interesting in as well.

This isn't the complete answer, but to steer you toward how to activate code on a form submission you can see how this is done in my answer to some manipulating dates in a form/record here: Complex date calculation - from & to times

Also you may want to refer to Knack's documentation on events here: Working with the API and Code Example - Custom Form Validation and Customization with jQuery and Javascript - Knack Events

Not a full walkthrough, but those are the points I started with to solve the "add 30 minutes to the start to get the appointment" problem presented in that first link.

I just have no idea how to implement this code when there is no option to add javascript to an individual form, only a blanket javascript for the whole app. Confused about how this works. Please help.