Add Page Break to use in the "print link"

Thanks for the input... problem is though when you have one table that spans across multiple pages with for example "grouped fields"... it would be nice to be able to have page breaks in between the "groups"... like all the kids in Class 1 on one page, all the kids in Class 2 on one page...and so on from one table.

I think this one will work fine if you put it "in between" tables or details...then it will most likely give you page breaks between the tables and details...but not in one table that spans multiple pages.

I think this somehow has to be coded into the "page formatting" when printing...



If your classes don't change, you could use multiple tables?

Knack also uses the classes kn-table-group, kn-group-level-1, kn-group-level-2, etc, which should allow you to place your pagebreaks within the table, I assume. I haven't tested it, but am happy to if it helps somebody.

Sorry for multiple posts -- Here's the code I use, so that it only affects the printed version:

(this goes in css, and breaks based on the class already used, so I don't have to add anything to the report itself)

@media print{

.kn-list-item{page-break-inside: avoid;}


Format Exhibithions can't seem to make it work on my reports page... graphics are splited on two pages ;/

I think i tried this when it was first put here and it didnt work... tried it again just now with no luck. See attached img with a page break in the middle of a table and group. I tried all combos of using page-break-xxxx without any difference...

really wish knack take a look at this, it's a simple tweek that makes all the diference

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Dear Knack developers,

As Bruno states above, this cannot be a tough one to crack coding wise. And the result of this has some great impact for the users trying to print tables and lists spanning across multiple pages.

Please add this feature when enabling the print function for pages, as now it is an absolute pain in the back to explain to the users that they cannot print without getting the tables or lists split across pages.

Again, cannot be that much work to add this to the code.

Have a great weekend,

I’m using the new Knack theme and trying to get a list view to break to a new page after each list item, when printed. Seems like it should work but it doesn’t. Anyone have any ideas? This is the code I’m using:

@media print{<br>.kn-list-item-container{<br>page-break-after: always !important;<br>} <br>}

Hey Norma - this worked great for our list printing. THANK YOU!! HOWEVER, is there a way to allow 2 columns to print? It seems as if it’s disabled the ability to print 2 or 3 columns on a list.