Action Link in Table (Redirect to another website url)

I have a table with claim information on each claim. I created a new action column to provide the user with claim status updates. When the user clicks on this action link I want to redirect the user to the specific status update details page he wants to follow up.

My problem is that the status update information is not in the table object and for this reason I cannot use “Redirect to exiting page” because the page is not available.

I was thinking of using the option to “Redirect to another website url” and use the status update page url and populate the recordid at the end. - Example url https://claims/example/claimsdesk/#message-board/table-report-records/continue/621c81ce6bd6d9001ee7e314/.

Any assistance would be much appreciated

Is the status update record not related to the claim record? I’d have thought it would be connected so you could have a separate page showing the status and link to it from the claim.

It’s always a challenge trying to visualise the construction of someone else’s application so I apologise if I’m stating the obvious.

The claim information table is my main table and all other tables in my app are related to this table. If I for example create an action link creating a child page and in this child page, copy the status update views, all works perfectly. The problem is that these pages already exist in my current app and it is so much double work to recreate pages and views that already exist but is not accessible in the “Redirect to existing page”

If I could only get the url to populate the recordid I would be able to use one table to direct users to so much dynamic content already available without having to create any additional pages and views. I did look at the topic to prepopulate forms using dynamic values but without success

Another option could be to create a text field in the claim information and populate it with the recordid using integromat. But then the problem still remains, how do I use this record field in a url

If the objects are related you should be able to add an action to link to another page that shows the view you need. This is different to an “action link” (unless you have different user roles prohibiting the user getting to the page).

I may be totally misunderstanding but I use this method extensively to ensure I don’t have duplicated details and edit pages. Just link to an existing page.

Link to another page: reuse another page you’ve already created by linking to it. For example, if you already had a complex scene that was showing details about a contact record, we could link to that scene instead of recreating it.”


Thank you for the feedback. You are correct using the action “Link to another page” works great. The reason why I wanted to use the alternative option is to have only one column where I can set up display rules with more than one link in the column. This is useful to hide links not applicable to the current status and show links that are. It also allows me to do field updates while redirecting the user to the correct page.

If working on your suggestion, maybe add filters for each column link to avoid showing a table with all the empty columns (using hide empty columns) under table settings. The only downside to this, the user will have to page through all the filters to find information instead of having a single table view showing one column displaying different links where applicable

Example of the table. The status column link to different pages