Accessibility - default submit messages to be compatible with assistance tools

Major: When a user submits a form that has a confirmation message, there is nothing that indicates to assistive technology the successful submission of the form, including the confirmation message.

Instructions for Review Results:

  • Major: This indicates the issue fails accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0 AA), though it may not block a user from completing the task it makes use very difficult and frustrating and there is no alternative method on the page to complete the same task or function.

Hi Zach - Thanks for the sharing this solution in your update! That's a useful workaround until we can see about building in some global functionality. 

So if all submit buttons would have an alert already tied to them, that would be great.  It can be done, my adding a message to every button.  It would be nice if the default button was compatible with the assistance tools without modification.


The language in the original post refers to implementing this workflow: Copy a Record Using Record Rules.

The new feature here, would be the ability to have the confirmation message trigger an accessible alert when the form has been submitted. 


Note: As a workaround, as was mentioned in a comment below, it is possible to use the code editor for the Message on the Submit Rule to insert an alert directly. 

There are some notes in the document I was working off of.  I'll add those below, and tack on some screen shots for context.


This was a note in the review: "Page does not announce change. Screen reader user is still unaware that the copy was successful.  Can you add the role="alert" to <div class="kn-message success"> ?"

The context of "Copying" is essentially this:

1)Select a record, which you'd like to duplicate.

2) Review this is the correct record:

3) Enter final details and "submit"


Hi Zach - thanks for filing this request! Would you mind being less specific about the action taken here? We don't have a built in copy functionality, and the activity seems like it's related to a particular object that stores records in your application. 

Using terms generic to actions built in Knack, and/or sharing screenshots would be helpful for this one, thanks!