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Extend your app’s potential using custom code and integrations.

Knack offers features and a comprehensive set of resources that give designers and developers access to update and customize Knack applications.

For our full developer documentation, see Getting Help with Custom Code, and use the sub-categories for topic discussions.

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When sharing code, please be sure to include the example in a code block, as the forum does convert quotes from straight to curly, which may lead to code not working if it is copied and pasted directly into your app.

Broken (uses curly quotes):

$(document).on(‘knack-view-render.any’, function(event, view, data) {
$(’#knack-reset-pass div h2’).html(‘Test’); //your personalized text

$(’#knack-reset-pass div p’).html(‘Test2’); //your personalized text

Correct (uses straight quotes):

$(document).on('knack-view-render.any', function(event, view, data) {
  $('#knack-reset-pass div h2').html('Test');  //your personalized text

  $('#knack-reset-pass div p').html('Test2');  //your personalized text