When a Task fail, send and email to alert

I would like to receive an email everytime a task fail. Sometimes, for some reason I don’t know why, some of my tasks fail to run. I would like to be notify when this happens so I can try to run it manually when needed.

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I’ve never known one of my tasks fail. :thinking:

I have had unexpected results when I’ve not setup the criteria correctly. :man_technologist:

I’d recommend reporting specifics to support for them to investigate as this is potentially worrying if scheduled tasks don’t run as planned.

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Hi, @Guilherme!

Thanks for sharing this request, and I’m sorry to hear that your tasks sometimes fail unbeknownst to you. I have shared this idea with the Product team!

As Carl said above, please share these occurrences with our support team here: Form
They will be happy to help you and investigate why this occurred!