Webmerge : 1 click database update + pdf download of document with subtable

Hi Jon,

It might be possible but I did not investigate this option so far.

One question Steven, is it possible to group the items in the table by a certain field in the same way you can on knack?  Thanks so much!  I owe you a coffee for sure!


Steven, this is amazing!  Thanks a million times over for sharing!!!  Works like a charm!


Hi Roger, 

Sorry for not coming back earlier on this.

That's indeed a drawback. If you want a structured address display you should not use the special field "address" but built an address structure with new fields: address, address 2, ZIP, state, city, country.

Then you can play with each single field and merge them where you want.

I have an address field that render as "object Object".  How do I correct that?  I can create a Text/Combo field but then the address renders all on a single line.

Hi there.

The value of the drop down are links not raw strings.

To overcome this, I create a text combo field in each table the value of which I wanted to merge.

The to merge the views, use the text combo field with "field_xx. raw" format in the code.

For time format I need to check

Thanks for the quick response!

Yes they are. Is it possible to solve it somehow?

And; I have a date/time field which I use for displaying HH:MM in knack. In webmerge it shows as 01/01/2012. Do you know how to format it properly? 

Again, thank you. :)


Are the failing fields values of drop down field from other tables?

Hi Stevan!

Thank you so much for sharing this.

I have tried copying this code and replacing all the necessary fields, views etc.

When I merge, almost all of the merge fields come out as "undefined". A couple of them come out as obect Object, but for some strange reason one of the merge fields work. 

Do you have any suggestions what might cause this?
I have triple checked that all the field ID's are correct.

Hi Robert, 

welcome. Just ask if you face any pb with the above.

I can’t wait to try this!!! I have been asking about this for over 7 months!!

Thanks so much for sharing!