Validating a Date to be within the current month

I have worked with Knack for years and can’t solve what should be an easy validation problem, I need to validate a date field to ensure on input it is within the current month.

Am I missing something simple here, has anybody got any ideas?


Use the Validation Rules for the date field.



Hi Dean

Thanks for taking the time to reply but what I am after is to stop an entry that is outside of the current month.
We could do with an option of “is NOT during the current [week/month/year]”


Hi @JohnG,

would a makeshift like this work for you? If an interval of +/- 31 months might not be sufficient, you could add further validation rules referring to adjacent years.

Hi Wolfgang
Yes thats just great, as you say a bit makeshift but will do the job a treat, why couldn’t I have thought of that?
Thanks for your help.