Using jQuery UI in Knack

I sent the below questions about HTML and jQuery UI library to support. They said it was outsider their area of support and the best way to get info about it would be in the community forums. I don’t know if anybody has successfully been able to use jQuery UI library, or if I was just using it wrong. Is there a “best practices” way to load it? Thanks!

From what I can see is that I have to wrap any HTML needs in the custom javascript. Would be much easier to just be able to put some things in HTML. Also, I have not been able to load or use jQuery UI library. It seems like Knack is using jQuery 1.7 instead of the current 3 version. Would be great if Knack Devs added a help document that says this is how to access jQuery UI library.

Hey Carl, the only way I’ve been able to achieve this is lazyload both jquery 3.6.4 and jquery UI…