Using Azure AD for SSO

I found a post from last year with some good information, however the images are now broken so it is not complete. That post was here: Using Advanced SSO to authenticate from Azure AD - #8 by ChrisSchra99860

I’m trying to use oauth2 to connect to my Azure AD. I have the Authorization URL, but I don’t know what the Access Token ULR or the Profile URL is supposed to be. Also I’m not sure where to get the info for the ID Property.

If anyone can help me figure this out I’ll write up a detailed step-by-step for future Knack users. Thanks.

Hi Joshua - thank you for posting this! SSO is tricky. We’ve got a help article in our knowledge base, but every provider and configuration seems to be a little different, so providing how-tos on our end, especially when we don’t have access to the settings you’re seeing from the provider makes it difficult to support.

I will attempt to repair those broken images on the post you referenced, there was a limitation in the migration that prevented us from carrying them over, but I can see how especially in the context of a more technical topic such as SSO it’s especially important to illustrate with screenshots.

To try and provide some quick help, here’s some hopefully helpful guidance:

  1. Access Token URL: this should be similar to your Authorization URL, but where you see authorize? in that string, try and replace with token? or try this and update your tenant_id:{TENANT_ID}/oauth2/v2.0/token?scope=openid
  2. Profile URL: I believe it’s something like
  3. ID property: will map to something in the Azure settings. It’s not going to be a URL, but a value set on the side of your provider. We’ve seen other customers with values such as id or user.userprincipal.

Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes, and we’d certainly welcome a write-up that contains screenshots for any other users of Azure who are setting up SSO in their Knack apps.

Repaired the images, @Joshua! Hope that helps you read through the original post.

Thanks Jessie. I still can’t see the images. When I tried to copy the image URL and paste it in manually it’s want me to login, but will not let me login with my knack credentials. It looks like maybe I don’t have permissions to view those images?

Hey @Joshua - originally I updated those links to point to our old forum portal which is still used for support ticketing. You may or may not have interacted with through there, but it is not necessarily the same email used for your Knack builder account, and the login creds are independent.

Anyways - again, I certainly want to unblock you on digesting the materials shared in that thread, so I manually repaired them and you should see everything now whether or not you’ve got access to that portal. Thanks for letting me know, we’re still ironing things out with this new forum and I appreciate the heads up here!

Hi Joshua, I appreciate that you are working on your issue. However, if you can’t get it working I can recommend Gui at Fine Mountain Consulting who is a very accomplished Knack Developer and does SSO

Thanks, I checked out his profile and signed up for his bootcamp.