UK Postal Addresses avoid extra space when field not needed


Does anyone know please how to best handle UK addresses?

The issue is some contain four lines of data and some five.

I would like to create a text formula for the addresses but without creating an extra blank space when the 5th line of address data is not present.

Is this possible please?

Thank you!!


Hi @Paul - I’m in the UK and have several clients using Knack with UK addresses.
I’m not sure what it is you’re trying to achieve?
I presume you’re using an “Address” field rather than a paragraph or short text field.
With the address field you can’t add a fifth line but you can combine them into one line.
Generally, as long as you have a post code HERE maps will geo locate correctly, presume you on a Pro Plan or above to have mapping?
I often use a Text Formula set as conditional to the Address field so I can use it on a view and don’t experience any issues.
I’d be interested to understand more about what you are trying to do.
I apologise if I’m missing something from your post.

Hi Carl, Thanks for your reply.

I don’t use the address field in knack because I need more flexibility. I prefer to use a proper postcode lookup that populates the fields correctly.

In the end, to get what I want I have worked out to use an integromat type product ( to add a simple ‘if’ if address 2 present set a text field with address 2 and ‘if’ not use the number, street,address1, town, postcode type format.

Bit of a shame to have to do this outside knack, but I use n8n all the time anyway so does not make much difference to me.

Thanks again for your reply.


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Thanks for coming back to me, glad you got it sorted. Bit above my pay grade but a great example of the flexibility offered by these web based no code tools :+1: