Track when users delete records in the database


Is it possible to record when a user deletes something in the database without using code? I am using submit rules/record rules to add new records to a object I call updates, where I track all changes the users do in the database. But I don’t know how I can track when users delete records.

Thank you.

I don’t think you can directly intercept a record delete in this way - however you could do the following to achieve the same result:

  1. Rather than deleting the record mark it for deletion (for example have an Action Link update a field called {Delete?}).
  2. During this update use rules in the same way to update your Updates object.
  3. Change your views’ record sources to hide records marked as Deleted. You may also have to update Sum, Count and similar calculations.
  4. The final part is then to actually delete these which cannot be done automatically using Knack alone. You could periodically delete them in the builder - or, you could automate this with Integromat - get it to search for marked records and then go through and delete them.

Hope this helps?

@JulianKirkness I think that helps very much, thank you!