Show gap in graph (instead of value zero)

I'm looking for a way to or render a gap between the two points on either side of the null. 
Right now, an empty value is shown as '0' in a graph, which is not correct and taints the data.

Instead, I would like a 'gap' in the graph as shown in the first link below.
This setting can be used in my entire app, so not limited to a specific graph.

I've found the code, but am struggling to adapt it so it works in Knack.
Does anybody know how to do this (if it is indeed possible)?

This is what it should look like in the graph:

ps. this code worked to change colors, so I'm hoping it's something similar and just as simple.

colors: ['#95C623', '#BD4C50', '#c68c53', '#1985A1', '#F49F0A', '#401F3E', '#4E5166', '#33658A', 'light grey', 'black', 'dark green', 'dark grey', 'pink', 'magenta', 'fuchsia']