Setting a Date Default

As a Builder, I would like a date fields default to be set to a specified future date, for example +30 days from today, so that workflow automation can easily be set up.

Currently I need to use an equation field to add this date and then use conditional or record rules to set the value of the date/time field being used for this workflow. This is different from the field default in an object because the field default should be a valuable depending on the input fields before the date field.

Scenario: setting the payment term depending on the customer history and the purchase price.

Yes the usecase is that I have an app for a logistics company who get the packages into their distribution center every evening at 22 o'clock. Then some employees meet before midnight and some after midnight. But they want the employees to connect all their hours to the date, where they recieved the packages.
This means that employees who meet after midnight must remember to go back one date in the calender. And even though this sounds simple, there are so many registrations with date errors, that it is driving the supervisors crazy.
The tricky part is then that from 22 til 24 o'clock default date should be today, and from midnight until 22 o'clcok default date should be yesterday
The best would be if the default date could be made with some kind of formula with the possibility of using logic functions that could check towards current date, current time etc.