Remaining Day/Time Between Two DatesTime fields

I’ve searched and I didn’t see this question asked (If I missed it I apologize).

I am trying to calculate (an equation) the remaining days/time. If the time remaining (e.g., EndDateTime - CurrentTime()) is more than 24 hours (e.g., 26 hours), then I want it to say 1 day and 2 hours remaining. If it’s less than 24 hours, then I want it to show x hours and x minutes. If it’s less than 1 hour, then I want it to show x minutes.

I have two fields:

  • StartDateTime
  • EndDateTime

Both are DateTime fields. I am trying to determine the remaining TIME so logically I am thinking of creating an Equation similar to the following: EndDateTime - CurrentTime()

Hope this makes sense and thanks for your help.

Hi Charles,

Just going through the forums to see if I can help anyone. I have posted on my own site a relative time format would this work do you think?