Record details - field in header

Hi all,

I suspect this has been asked / answered before but I’m struggling to find right combination of words to find it!

I’m trying to insert a field into the header of a record page.

Ie when someone click ‘more’ on table to view an individual record, when that page loads - the header is in this scenario “Full details of Hospital Entrance AED”. My pages are very styled and I’d like a nice header that makes things very clear.

This could either go in table view header or in a static element title .

Thanks for help as allways!

Maybe a screenshot of what you’re trying to achieve?

I’d guess at perhaps a detailed view or a connected field might be what you’re after.

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your reply… I’ll post a couple of screenshots.

I’m bulding a AED database (public acess defibrilators). So public can see locations of them, owners can login, add, manage and inspect their defibs, (with reminders for inspections and items such as batteries going out of date etc) and the charity i represent offer a free annual inspection service, so an AED owner can select the option to allow us to inspect and then we go and run an inspection. The Ambulance service also have a login and can see a number of files to download to add to their system showinf locations of defibs - i may try and build a RSS feed or similar but that’s to come!

So right now I’m building the owner role pages.

This main page shows their AEDs and the status on expiries and inspections etc

This then leads onto a more info page that shows the full details - the AED type , and shows the inspection history…

I would like here to amend the header which currently says “Full AED Information” in a H1 tag to someting more obvious such as “$$Location Name$$ AED information” thus - Maritime House AED information. This is a bit more cosmetic as I quite like this page - all info is there etc. (this is a details view).

Where i feel it’s more needed is here - i have created a cut down table for mobile phone use for when people inspect the AED.

which then takes you to a connected form that is very bare and as the $$location name$$ is a connected field, i cannot even add it using add input - and i wouldn’t want too as it then changeable.

This page really needs to say in header “Inspect Maritime House AED” i.e.

Inspect $$Location Name$$ AED.

i guess i’m asking if there is any code you can insert that allows you to display a field or object of this record or this records connected field into the header… eg. $$object:AEDlocation field:location name $$ - clearly the $$ etc is fake code, but i hope it makes the point…

I guess i could replace the form with a details page, pull in the connected location name and display at top and remove ability to edit and do the rest… but the form makes it easier and more pleasing - so not having the filed name on left then details on right etc…

OK - a bit of thinking as I post and I have combined a details page with just connected location and a form, but it’s not ideal from a design layout view. i guess i could hack it with CSS…



Short of custom JavaScript/CSS, in the detail you could do something like below using a text formula field:

On your edit page add a detail and put it above the form.

That’s a poor-man’s solution. Knack needs to give us a LOT more flexibility to do this kind of stuff. We shouldn’t have to hack it.

Yes totally agree with PeterJurgen - you can code it with JS but Knack’s in built text formula fields are easiest.

I’d create a text formula field named LocationNameHeading, add the LocationName filed and the text ‘AED information’. Add that to your view and style it as Peter has shown, then remove the view heading text.