Questions about MIN and AVERAGE calculations

In a column or row where there are numbers like 3, 0, 5, “”, and 2, there are, in other words, 5 records containing 3 numbers greater than zero, and one null and one zero.

Calculations using MINUMUM will return 0 and AVERAGE returns 2, that is, (3+5+2)/5 records.

Ideally, I’d like the calcs to return the MIN as 2 and the AVG to return at best 3.33 being (3+5+2)/3 or even 2.5 from (3+0+5+2)/4.

What are the communities thoughts on this? Is this possible? In MS Excel for example, I could create an IF statement to use only cells greater than zero, but alas, Knack does not have IF statements.

You can add a filter to that MIN to get your IF statement…


Hi Erik, thanks yes that works in the Schema field settings but in a Grid on a Page view when showing a summary for a column this option is not available and this is the issue I am trying to solve. Cheers.

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