Provide API keys to access Page based API from a script

It looks like Page based API can't be used outside a browser because a script has no way to initiate an authenticated session.

Usage case: I need to export records to the website every hour. I don't want to give full root API access to the web developer, nor I want to have that API key stored in the public web server for security reasons. So I need to have a read-only access that only exposes the fields I want to expose.

There are several solutions for this:

  • expose API commands to initiate/terminate a session from a script

  • generate an API key for each page

  • generate/associate an API key for each user

I like the third one.

Did this work out? and is there any help on how to do it...?? i have the same problem. only want a webpage to show just one report and not other tabs nor other details.