Problem with creating Dynamic Table with jQuery

I wrote some code to generate a custom report which contains, among other things, a couple of dynamic tables. The code seemed to work fine until recently. I think it may be related to a newer version of jQuery library when Knack did the update recently. I also had an issue with a button event, which I was able to resolve. Both the button 'click' event and the dynamic table generation work intermittently now. If anyone can see what the issue may be, I would appreciate it. Here is the relative code for generating the table:

function makeUTLTable(data) {

var utilities = $("<table/>").addClass('howTbl');

var rows = data.length;

var row, r;

console.log("in mut");


row = $("<tr/>");

row.append($("<th/ class='howCol1'>").text('UTILITIES'));


for (r=0; r<rows; r++) {

row = $("<tr/>");

row.append($("<td/ class='howCol1'>").text(data[r].field_182));

if (data[r].field_94 != "") {

row.append($("<td/ class='howCol2'>").text(data[r].field_94_raw[0].identifier));

row.append($("<td/ class='howCol3'>").text(data[r].field_156_raw.formatted));

}else {

row.append($("<td/ class='howCol2'>").text(""));

row.append($("<td/ class='howCol3'>").text(""));





return utilities;


$(document).on('knack-view-render.view_202', function(event, view, data) {

var temp = makeUTLTable(data);




$('#view_202').hide(); // Hide Detail view


I used the 'temp' variable just so I could write it to the console and check it before and after. The problem seems to be getting the HTML into the div.

Thanks for your help.