Preventing User from Navigating Away From Form

I have tried many different solutions using onbeforeunload() and other JS/jQuery, but the functions do not work the way I want, and I think it is because of the way that Knack loads and renders pages. It works when a user reloads a page or closes the tab or window, but I need it to work when they press back or try to navigate to a new page. Has anyone successfully done this?

I realize that I could tie my multi-step form into a logged-in user and have their data persist, but my boss is insisting on having one monolithic form with a single submit button where this is not possible without a great deal of work with the API.


Hi Wesley,

Wanna see if I can help but not quite sure what the question is. As far as I can tell you want a function to run when a user hits the back button to the parent page from a form on a child page?

But what is it you are wanting to achieve. Pop me a email and ill see if I can help