Percent to [filtered] total slows app down

I have a unique calculation and I have gotten it to work, but I think it’s slowing down my app and I’m wondering if there is a better way. In a nutshell, I am calculating the child records’ percent of the total, and the total is filtered so it’s not really quite the whole total. Below is a fake example to demonstrate:

Child table:
item1 black $25
item2 black $25
item3 black $25
item5 black $25
item6 white $10
item7 green $14
item8 brown $18
item9 mauve $17

Parent table has field that is basically the Sum of Black (sum of colors with a black filter), so that formula results in $100. No problem there.

I pull that parent number back down to the child table as a Text Formula.
And I have an Equation that computes the percent of that TextFormula (I know I don’t need to do those two things separately, I just did it that way initially to make sure it was working properly).

So table now looks like this
Child table: color price sumofblack %ofblack
item1 black $25 $100 25%
item2 black $25 $100 25%
item3 black $25 $100 25%
item5 black $25 $100 25%
item6 white $10 $100 10%
item7 green $14 $100 14%
item8 brown $18 $100 18%
item9 mauve $17 $100 17%

Anyway, now it takes a very long time to update the price of one item. Like 7 or 8 seconds. Ideas??

Hello Robin,

I did the same thing and it take around 3 sec

You can try changing text formula to equation fields

Sunny Singla