PDF (and other files) now opening in a frame rather than a new tab?

There has been a change to the way files open in our database - but no update announcement?

Rather than opening the files in a new browser tab (which was useful so I could open numerous files at a time), this has now been replaced by an in-screen pop up / frame showing the attachment.

The problem occurs on both Chrome & Internet Explorer which rules out a browser update causing the change.

Is there an opt out to go back to the old version of opening files?

Alternatively, having next / previous buttons so you can cycle through he attachments would help slightly?

The benefit of opening numerous tabs was the files loaded simultaneously, so there was less waiting/loading time - is this possible with the new system?

I have reached out to Knack support and Carson let me know "unfortunately you can't revert to a previous version of Knack" and suggested I post my question here regarding the other queries.


We prefer Word docx files instead of pdf. Space, mostly. But these do not open for reading.

Thanks for the offer Mark, but I'm hoping Knack will fix this themselves soon. They have completely changed the functionality of the service I signed up to, with no warning to any of its customers - from a subscription software company that's simply unacceptable!

I did get a response from their support team eventually - they are currently working on an opt-out.

No indication on time-frame :-(

This is also causing me a headache..

Please can we have the ability to turn off this feature and continue being able to just view in a new tab.


This change has also created havoc with the host site I built. Viewing PDF's in that modal pop-up conflict with content on the host site including the navigation. The knack app is pulled through the embed code into the host site, but when users view a pdf, there is conflict with the z index of elements in the host site creating site elements that appear over the top of the pdf. If we have an option to "open pdf in new tab or window" this work again as it used to.

Hi Alistair,

I may be able to code the behavior you are looking for, let me know if you would like a quote.