Option to hide specific menu pages (not the entire menu)

When I hide a page from the global menu, I don't always want to also hide all other menu items when i visit that page. This function should be an option.

We should be able to hide a page from the global menu, provide a different method of access (such as nested menu button on a subordinate scene/view), visit that page and still be able to see and use the other menu items that are not selected to be hidden.

Currently, any page you set to "hide from global menu" will hide everything from menu when that page is visited.

This in addition to some other very useful suggestions made about the menu would be welcomed additions.


I think there is a misunderstanding. What you describe is clear. It is the basic functionality. What we want is that you can make child pages but hide it from the menu.

Hey guys, it took me a while to figure this out - but if you create a MENU on a page, and create new pages linked to that menu (so the new page(s) are CHILD pages under the parent page), then the navigation bar will remain!  You'll also see the 'breadcrumb' trail navigation just under it.  

If you create NEW pages that are NOT under a parent page (i.e. not nested under a top level page, but just on their own) and hide them from being included in the top navigation menu, then the nav bar will disappear on those pages.  

Hope that helps.

+1 for this

I support this feature request.

ive resorted to creating a menu link to take me to another page that is in the menu system so i can get punted back into a menu page.


This is needed.  I want a specific page not listed in the menu, but I want the menu available when the page that is not listed is visited.

I had this same problem. I don't want a page excluded from the menu to hide the menu. 

How did you decide to handle it? 

I'm considering using Menu views at the top of each of my scenes with links to the other pages. Then I can copy that menu view around.