'Old' and 'new' field value for Record Rule

As a Builder, when creating a Record Rule on the form, I want the “old” and “new” field values, so I can track changes more easily.

Knack has a feature for “has changed” in Record Rules. When “has changed” is selected, I would like the “field value” to be separated into two options—the old value and the new value. Please see the screenshot below:

The benefit in our particular use-case is to track changes to a record. We often create a separate object e.g. Logs, and insert a connected Log record via Record Rules, on update of some record we would like to track. However, because the field value is limited to the new field value (i.e. after the Record Rules run) our Log cannot capture the current value of the record before it was changed, we can only capture the change. To capture the current value of the record we are forced to use workarounds such as JavaScript or Integromat scenarios, making the workflow harder to maintain.

Tracking changes is a challenge, this kind of option would help :+1:

Agreed. This would be great!