No value, Multiple Choice

Is there a way to have a blank option, basically to remove a value from a multiple choice dropdown.

I have a dropdown that is based on another field. If field A = Owner, I need to pick no value in field B. I can default to blank, but sometimes it changes to a value and then later needs to be blank again.

It doesn't seem like that can be done.

Any thoughts?

If you are using radio buttons, you can have one of the values set to a null value. That should do the same thing.

Turns out you can just pick the word 'Select' that shows up when you click the dropdown and that empties out the field. No need for a workaround with a dash.

Checking in on this one again. Thought I had a workaround of just using a dash, but that screws up my counts.

I just want to switch a dropdown to no value when needed. I am toggling Property Manager object. If property is owner-managed, I need to remove the property manager.

See here, my - Property Manager has 304 count. When there is no property manager, the unit count of managed units should be 0. My workaround is failing.